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Mocking and Documenting Drunken Shenanigans

While we don't actually consider a wedding to be a drinking establishment but rather more of a drinking event, it is quite fun when the bride and groom select a very premium bar and then warn their guests in clever ways to behave themselves. We had such an outing this weekend in a venue that we have never been to in our own town called the Federal Room.

The Federal Room resides above an old bank vault complete with a four foot thick door that still works. I asked the custodian if we could lock people in the vault and see if it would open, and you can only imagine what the look from her was as soon as I finished the question. At least I asked!

The main entertaining space is an art deco, captured in time, ornate ballroom from the turn of the century. The detailed plaster work and the art deco chandeliers are something out of the movie Dune - the one with Kyle MacLachlan. The wedding party carefully augmented the space very simply with beautiful flowers and lighting adding to the overall harmony of the evening.

While we heeded the warnings on the signs next to the bar, we had to show high levels of restraint to not stick our fingers in the beautiful wedding cake. The bridesmaids kept teasing the guests as they grabbed the ring ribbons but never would move to cut the cake. I think looking at the cake rather than cutting the cake has become a new Olympic sport. For the future, might I suggest that after the bride and groom take the married walk back down the aisle, they head right to the cake and start the cutting which would prevent a whole lot of shenanigans. Don't we all just go to these things for cake and booze anyway, and honestly, once everyone fits into their tux and wedding gown, it truly is time to just eat cake.

Federal Ballroom

147 Carondolet Street


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